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2019 American sci-fi movie The Vast of NightPromotional posterDirected byAndrew PattersonProduced byAndrew PattersonMelissa KirkendallAdam DietrichWritten byJames MontagueCraig W. SangerStarringMusic byErick AlexanderJared BulmerCinematographyM.I. Littin-MenzEdited byJunius TullyProductioncompany GED CinemaDistributed byRelease date January 26, 2019 (2019-01-26) (Slamdance) May 29, 2020 (2020-05-29) (United States) Running time89 minutesCountryUnited StatesLanguageEnglish is a 2019 American sci-fi movie written by James Montague and Craig W.

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The film premiered at the 2019 Slamdance Film Celebration and was launched theatrically in the United States by Amazon Studios in drive-in theatres and on Prime Video on May 29, 2020 (the vast of night netflix). Switchboard operator Fay and radio DJ Everett are two teenagers in village 1950s Cayuga, New Mexico, examining a strange sound coming through the radio and switchboard, while nearly everybody else is at the high school basketball video game.

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The movie happens throughout a single night, with the story framed as an episode of Paradox Theatre, a -style anthology television series. The movie premiered at the 2019 Slamdance Movie Celebration, and went on to screen at a number of other film festivals. Amazon Studios obtained the motion picture in September 2019, and the trailer was released on February 6, 2020.

On Rotten Tomatoes the movie holds an approval ranking of 92% based on 140 evaluations, with a typical rating of 7.82/ 10. The site's critics consensus checks out: "A gripping sci-fi thriller that transcends its period features, The Vast of Night recommends great things for debuting director Andrew Patterson." Metacritic designated the film a weighted typical rating of 85 out of 100, based upon 29 critics, indicating "universal honor".

Meg Shields of Film School Declines applauded the sound style as "unavoidable and essential" and M.I. Littin-Menz's camerawork as "simply fantastic." Amy Nicholson of praised the film's charm and development, writing, "At the midpoint, Patterson wows with a tracking shot that appears to race a half-mile down a peaceful street, take a left-hook through a parking area, sprint through an ongoing basketball game, and zip up the crowded bleachers prior to plunging out of a window.

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Yet, the ambition behind it is simply as remarkable as is the crew's creativity at spinning financial constraints into magic." Matt Shiverdecker of the slammed Patterson's option to frame the story as a tv episode, calling it "disruptive". He concluded, "I took pleasure in the general design and found the lead stars to be very appealing (the vast of night full movie).

Between screenwriter James Montague and Craig W. Sanger's reliance on monologues and director Patterson's fondness for long, fixed takes, The Vast Of Night is more most likely to lull the Midnight Madness audience to sleep than provide nightmares." At the 2019 Slamdance Movie Festival, it won the Audience Award for Best Narrative Function.

It won the Jury Award at the 2019 Overlook Movie Celebration and a Special Cinematography Award at the 2019 Hamptons International Movie Festival, and was nominated for Best Very First Screenplay at the Independent Spirit Awards and Finest Global Function film at the 2019 Edinburgh International Movie Celebration. Monica Castillo (September 27, 2019).

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The movie opens at a high school basketball game. The entire town remains in the stands. Lanky players lope around the court. Cheerleaders do cartwheels on the sidelines. 2 high school the ghost of peter sellers watch online kids, Everett (Jake Horowitz) and Fay (Sierra McCormick), leave the video game and walk across the deserted town to their nighttime tasks.